Technical advantages

Numerous further advantages through the IFT filter

Performance for the entirety of its service life

  • It has been possible to increase the oil mist separation rate to new maximum values of more than 99.98 %.
  • The filter media are self-regenerating. The ”hold-up” and therefore the drop in pressure remain constant over the operating lifetime of the filter.
  • The lifetime of the IFT filter is almost unlimited. IFT guarantees a maintenance-free lifetime of 30,000 operating hours.
  • IFT filters have an unsurpassed high specific oil intake capacity. The oil content in blow-by gas is not limited; no preliminary oil separation is required
  • IFT filters are compact and can therefore be integrated very efficiently into the engine construction.
  • IFT filters can be adapted highly flexibly to the specific customer requirements.
  • The IFT blow-by filters are vibration-resistant and resistant to impacts. We achieve this through the compact construction with side grouted filter media, which is also grouted vertically with the housing.
  • Avoiding leakages through all-round seal welding of filter housing.
Pressure drop characteristics over time
Pressure drop characteristics over time
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