01.01.2022 09:42
by Innovative Filter Technology

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Especially in these challenging and unusual times for all of us, it is more than ever essential to recognise opportunities and vary our perspective. The challenges of the current times should never be recognised as an obstacle but rather as a foundation for possibilities.

We as a company have always been committed to this principle and can therefore proudly announce the merger of IFT GmbH with

This incorporation of IFT GmbH brings us a big step closer in our endeavour to replace conventional technologies with our technologically and economically most advanced filter solutions.

You will benifit directly from the bundling of know-how from various technology sectors, the increased continuity of the availability of filter models and the maximisation of your supplier's delivery reliability.

Since the independence of IFT GmbH will continue to be preserved, there will be no changes to the usual processes for you. We, the IFT GmbH, will continue to be available in full with our expertise and will be happy to support you with any of your concerns.

I look forward to a promising future with you.

Ulrich Luger
General Manager of IFT GmbH

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