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HEINZMANN is celebrating an anniversary: 125 years of innovations for engines

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Schönau, 30 June 2022: Engineer Max Joseph Heinzmann laid the foundation in Radebeul near Dresden in 1897 – today, the HEINZMANN Group is one of the world's leading system providers for motor management, control technology and electric drives. In July, the globally active family company with production sites in Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as sites in over 40 countries, is celebrating its 125-year anniversary with a big ceremony at its headquarters in Schönau in the Black Forest.

The starting point of the highly specialist company was the consistent development of control technology for combustion engines. Today, the controllers from HEINZMANN – which are now digital – are an essential part of industrial engines. Heinzmann has consistently developed its portfolio over the decades. The innovations are increasingly focussed on developing modern, efficient and resource-saving drives, thereby contributing to the energy revolution in engine technology.

"Today, we are a Clean-Tech provider with innovative solutions for every type of drive technology", explains Markus Gromer, CEO of HEINZMANN. Gromer joined the management team in 1999 and is now the fourth generation continuing the success story of the family company. "Our company focusses on creating even better solutions and constantly developing existing products further. We are proud to be known for one of the best electric motors for cargo bikes today – but that is just a small part of the portfolio. Today, our technical developments can be found not only in electric motors but also in combustion engines or turbines around the world, helping to combat climate change. Our products reduce consumption, make combustion engines more energy-saving, efficient, cleaner and help with the conversion to low-emission fuels such as natural gas, LNG, ammonia or hydrogen."

HEINZMANN has been headquartered in Schönau in the Black Forest since 1992 – of the 400 employees in the company, 280 work at the site in Schönau. The long-standing Managing Director Anton Gromer took over HEINZMANN in 1987 and moved the company from the former headquarters in Albershausen near Göppingen to Schönau for space reasons five years later. All production areas have been based at the site in the Black Forest ever since. Heinzmann is expanding successfully on an international level and now produces at its own plants in Great Britain, the Netherlands, China and Australia.


HEINZMANN – Thinking in Drive and Control

Heinzmann customers include leading manufacturers of turbines and combustion engines for generators, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships, railways and industry. The broad product range now includes digital control systems for engines running on gas, diesel or dual-fuel, complete common-rail-systems, as well as exhaust gas management systems.

With its electric drive systems developed in-house, HEINZMANN also demonstrates its innovativeness in the field of motor technologies of the future. The company has established itself as a leading provider and system supplier for electric drive applications. The collaboration with over 40 sales companies worldwide shapes the spirit of the Group and makes HEINZMANN a reliable partner.

"As a family-run company, we are constantly investing in research and development. Our business success is based on the wealth of ideas from our employees, who make a major contribution to the success of HEINZMANN with their innovations", explains Markus Gromer. "We train many of our employees ourself, some have been with us for decades. The strong industrial tradition here in south-west Baden-Württemberg and the technical colleges and universities close by are a major advantage here."

The products and solutions from HEINZMANN have won many awards and prizes all over the world. As a family company, the HEINZMANN Group was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Business Medal by Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut in November 2019 for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements and as thanks for extraordinary services.


Timeline of the HEINZMANN Group

1897 Engineer Max Joseph Heinzmann founds Heinzmann in Radebeul near Dresden. The focus was initially on the speed controller for combustion engines.

1935 Fritz and Rudolf Heinzmann take over Heinzmann from their father Max Joseph Heinzmann.

1946 Expropriation of the company Max Joseph HEINZMANN in Radebeul near Dresden.

1946 Foundation of the new company Fritz HEINZMANN in Albershausen near Göppingen.

1959 Anton Gromer joins HEINZMANN.

1967 After the death of Fritz Heinzmann, Anton Gromer joins the management team.

1987 HEINZMANN is taken over by Anton Gromer.

1992 Relocation from Albershausen to the new plant in Schönau in the Black Forest.

1999 Markus Gromer joins the HEINZMANN management team.

2005 Takeover of REGULATEURS EUROPA (Great Britain and the Netherlands).

2008 Takeover of Perm Motor.

2010 Purchase of HEINZMANN Automation AS – product portfolio is expanded with automation and management systems for the shipping industry.

2014 Takeover of the Australian company Dawson Technology, a specialist in steam turbine control.

2015 Nomination of HEINZMANN as "Entrepreneur of the Year 2015".

2019 The HEINZMANN Group is awarded the Baden-Württemberg Business Medal for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements.

2020 Takeover of Giro Engineering, a producer of Common Rail high-pressure components.

2022 Takeover of IFT GmbH in Austria, an expert in the field of crankcase ventilation systems and filter technology.

Photos of Anton Gromer and Markus Gromer and of the company headquarters in Schönau are available on request.



Markus Gromer
Tel.: +49 (7673) 8208-111 | E-Mail: m.gromer@heinzmann.de

Press contact:

Martina Denhard-Aisenpreis
Head of Marketing HEINZMANN Gruppe
Tel.: +49 (7673) 8208-117 | E-Mail: m.denhard@heinzmann.de

Matthias Struwe
Eye Communications, Agentur für Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Tel.: +49 (7 61) 137 62-21 | E-Mail: m.struwe@eyecommunications.de



HEINZMANN Grupp – Thinking in Drive and Control

HEINZMANN is a globally active family business founded in 1897 with its headquarters in Schönau (D), in the Black Forest.

Today, in the field of engine management HEINZMANN is one of the leading suppliers of components and systems for industrial combustion engines, generators and turbines. As a specialist and development partner, HEINZMANN is committed to developing exactly the right solution for increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.

In the Electric Drives division, HEINZMANN demonstrates innovative strength and development expertise in engine technologies of the future. The company has proven itself as a leading supplier and system provider for electric drive applications.

Our collaborative interaction with more than 40 globally active subsidiaries and sales companies characterizes the spirit within the HEINZMANN Group of Companies and makes us a reliable partner.


More information on the HEINZMANN Group at www.heinzmann.com.

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