The ift technology

The IFT technology consists of several core factors

Depth filtration

  • Layered depth filtration via special fibre media
  • Defined orientation of the fibre filaments
  • Parallel flow through the fibre layers
  • Filter fineness increasing in the direction of flow
  • Integral core network for the discharge of separated oil
  • Fibre discharge blocks on the inlet and outlet areas of the filter media.
  • Avoidance of internal leakages through side wall grouting and floor-cover grouting of filter media
  • Avoidances of leakages to the outside through all-round seal welding of the filter housing.
Schematic diagram of the filter technology
Schematic diagram of the filter technology

The novelty value and innovation significance of this technology is indicated through the issue of 6 patents. 

Darstellung der ift Filtertechnologie
Weitere schematische Darstellung der Filtertechnologie
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