Balanced pressure regulators

Maximum suction pressure for the ventilation system of the crankcase

For more compact filters

IFT balanced pressure regulators
IFT balanced pressure regulators

The IFT balanced pressure regulator GDR is a spring loaded valve for gases in negative pressure systems, in which the ambient pressure serves as the reference pressure.

In combination with an IFT blow-by filter, the negative pressure in the crankcase of the engine can be adjusted independently of the suction pressure of the blow-by filter within a precisely-defined time window. In addition, this pressure regulator unit ensures that no unpermittedly high suction pressures can occur at the discharge opening for the oil separated in the filter.

This makes it possible to utilise the maximum available suction pressure in the suction pipe of the engine for the crankcase ventilation system. The filter units are therefore compact and small in volume.

The IFT pressure regulator unit is characterised by its very simple construction, high level of robustness and its operating safety. It is resistant to vibrations and chemically aggressive components of the blow-by gas.

In contrast to conventional membrane pressure regulators, it requires substantially less space and is fastened directly onto the blow-by filter without a connecting link.

IFT balanced pressure regulators
Layout of the filter acc. different models
Crankcase pressure
Crankcase pressure dependent on the fraction of full load
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